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SMARTnet budgets and total annual (OpEx) spend can often be a subject of concern for companies. Yet, the rules changed with the announcement of Smart Licensing. Read more to understand how you can overcome the challenges posed by Cisco's latest policy.

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Included in XSi's newsletter is Gartner's 2019 Market Guide for Data Center and Network Third-Party Hardware Maintenance. We believe XSi has solved the problem of asset assurance and entitlement management.

Read Gartner's Market Guide in the XSi Newsletter

XSI’s New Service:

  • Expands the class/type of assets able to be moved off SMARTnet, yet are unable to be supported by any other independent maintenance provider

  • Creates per-asset logic for Hybrid Hardware Support vendor selection

  • Provides ongoing milestone data alerts for per-asset ability to move to our service

  • Provides ticketing service and independent support for all eligible assets

Discover your options for containing SMARTnet costs

while avoiding the entitlement risks associated with Smart Licensing

XSI Downloads

Request the following documents that will help you better understand your options for containing SMARTnet costs and receiving entitlement assurance on your Cisco hardware:

  • White Paper: Where has Cisco SMARTnet & Smart Licensing Failed Customers?
  • Client Case Study: Healthcare Sector
  • Overview: XSi Cisco Lifecycle & Asset Assurance


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